Character Creation

Arjan Singh
Dr. Phillip Gillman
Aaron Vertz
Steven Tebar
Deke Sexton, Jr.

Session 1 – The Questioning
Session 2 – The Seeking
Session 3 – Leads
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IRC Lounge

WardThe collective shock of the findings within Bulat’s study proved to be too much for the group of investigators, particularly in light of their wounds. After receiving attentive medical and mental health regimines overnight, the group re-convened in a breakout room in the Psychiatric wing on the seventeenth floor of the Gustave Levy building of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Agents of MCW have posted guards around the group, as a sedated Dr. Gilman tries to distill what he understands of what happens. Deke Sexton has been released on refusal for further treatment, after having his wounds attended to, and a signifigant transfusion of fluids and plasma. It has been thirty-six hours since the Moonstone was lost. MCW needs answers, and needs them fast – time is running out on their ability to keep the theft secret any longer.

The Moonstone

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