Steven (Esteban) Tebar

Local man turned scholar and researcher of the odd, works for the Metropolitan Museum as a Research Assistant.


Con- 12
Int- 14
Wis- 16
Cha- 8


Born and raised in NYC.
Has a degree in Art History with Minors in Theology and math.
Developed an interest in Art through his early education and followed it through college. Has had a life long exposure to “alternative” religion through a family practice of Santeria. This also encouraged his study of other lesser known religions, traditions and even cults.

Lives in a studio apt above a Chinese take out place called Double Dragon.
Enjoys reading about history, occult of any level and occasional black arts.
Has the entire run of Buffy the vampire slayer on DVD.

Esteban was visiting the exhibit with his abuela, Pilar Azucena Tebar.

Steven (Esteban) Tebar

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