Character Creation

Character Creation

4d6 6 times (drop lowest) OR
3d6 6 times (no drop) and start at +1 level

-3 sanity points per reroll

Characters must have a back-story that places them in NYC in 2004-2005, and a reason to be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art just before Christmas, 2005.

If more than one character is going to know each other, I need to know about it ahead of time.

Determine starting wealth using – Assume 10% of your annual take-home in savings. If your back-story involves considerable wealth, contact me separately about that.
Each player will get their "observations" of what the scene was at that time, but Detective Amartan will be questioning each of you separately, and as a group.

I am fine with characters knowing each other, or having intertwined stories if you guys want to roll that way during . If you want to be perfect strangers, that is fine too.

Character Creation

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