The Questioning

Removing her jacket, a 40ish blond woman, fit, pretty, and somewhat haggard looking sits down at a chair, across from the table all of you are seated at, each of you has a pair of handcuffs affixing one of your wrists to one of the heavy, padded-metal chairs you are seated in. Each of you has only recently regained consciousness, one after the other, within only a few minutes of each other, prior to the detective walking in.

The room is dressed in dark wood and peach marble. Detective The table is mahogany with metallic inlays. The seats are comfortable, as much as they can be while you are handcuffed to them.

Most have you have been provided with a packet of moist toilettes and a bottle of water, on the table in front of each of you. Any phones, wallets and or weapons you may have had on your person have been removed, as have any timepieces you may have had. As the last of you, the bearded gentlemen, comes to with a light groan and a fluttering of eyelids, the detective clears her throat, and addresses you in a soft but firm voice.

“Well gentlemen, congratulations on surviving what appears to have been one of the bloodiest robberies in the history of any museum in this country’s history. Before anyone starts clamoring for lawyers and due process, I’d like to let you know that I am Detective Amartan, a special investigator, charged by the Museum to interview all you before you will talk to local law enforcement, if that is even necessary. How you conduct yourselves in this interview will determine what, if anything, is passed along to them. I will be talking to you all as a group, then one at a time, in the small alcove behind me, just to clarify any points which may have been raised in your collective re-telling of the events of several hours ago. I may or may not entertain questions, but if the only answers I am getting from you are questions, you can be assured I will be less than pleasant when we talk one-on-one. Now, could you all begin by making introductions? This is not for me, though I do believe in the courtesy of introductions, but so far as I have been able to piece together, none of you know each other, which I find incredibly odd!”

The Questioning

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